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Reputation / Image surveys

Tools in order to :

Answer two essential questions

  • Are my product/ brand/ company well known enough by my targeted population ?
  • What image of my company/ product/ service do I project to those who know me ?

A survey about the reputation enables above all to measure the efficiency of the communication policy and the actions taken to improve the visibility of the company. It also allows the detection of any possible areas of poor reputation amongst certain segments of prospects.
The survey about company image is usually associated with the reputation survey and gives an overall view of the way in which the company or the product are perceived by those answering the questions who know them well, and also in comparison with their competitors. Our experience shows in fact that the image desired by the company is not always in tune with the market perception, a gap which can be dangerous or negative for the company.

Key stages

Preparation of the survey

  • Work on the different aspects of the problem and the objective of the survey together with the party ordering the survey
  • Advice about the choice of methodologies
  • Drawing up of a methodological and budgetary proposal, reference tool

The field and administration of the survey

  • Collection of the answers in the way chosen – telephone, online, face to face,…
  • Continuous and rigorous follow up of the progress in the fields
  • Regular reporting on the overall progress – number of people answering, overall return rate…
  • Handling : statistical analysis of the results (basic sorting, cross sorting, regressions….) with the relevant graphics to represent the answers

Analysis of the results and their return

  • Particular care is given to the graphical presentation of the results, a commitment to clarity and a good understanding of the results by the reader.
  • We accompany you when returning the survey and in the animation of meetings with your audiences’ managers, teams and suppliers…

Kheolia’s competitive edge

  • State of the art technological to collect the data
  • A customized and tailor made approach for each client (no ready made packages)

We appreciate working with Kheolia for their reactivity, their professionalism and the quality of the service offered.
In the context of international enquiries, all the co-ordination multi-country and multi-lingual aspects went very smoothly. The final analysis of the quantitative surveys were convincing.

Nathalie Poitevin
Deputy Marketing Manager, Sopexa

Kheolia has made a commitment to Esomar

Respectful of the ethical code in favour of good practices and consumer protection, Kheolia Institute has joined Esomar, the association for survey professionals which now has a worldwide coverage.

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