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Evaluation of the Employer’s Image

Some tools to :

Make the Employer’s image stand out for potential job applicants and staff through an appealing Human Resources policy which attracts and keeps the most talented people.

Form a lever for business efficiency and competitiveness by :

  • Creating a team spirit focused on the stakes of the company
  • Ensuring stability for the company staff
  • Projecting the values which make up the company’s identity in order to attract adapted profiles.

The evaluation of the employer’s image. is an essential tool to create and promote a Evaluation differential offer so as to attract, recruit and create loyalty. There are numerous surveys which can be used in this context and they must be carefully chosen depending on the company’s objective.

The key stages

Understanding the perception from inside the company

  • A qualitative approach is made beforehand making a portrait of the company from inside, the values that are communicated to staff : its key features, strengths, and weaknesses, needs and expectations…
  • A quantitative approach : validating the elements obtained by an on-line survey with all or some of the members of staff

Understanding the perception of the company from outside

  • A qualitative approach is made beforehand : with the publics which are the company’s partners : suppliers, administrative staff of the schools… in order to understand their perception and analyse what they say about the company
  • A quantitative approach : large scale assessment, on a given target, the fame and the image of the company, analysis of any possible distortions inside the company
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